Joey Cape (Lagwagon)

Sep 2018 AU

“Whoever he is playing with, however loud or mellow the music he is playing, it’s always faithful ol’Caper,” – Dying Scene

Supported By Zach Quinn (PEARS), Ess-Em (Solo, Sydney Only) and Hanny J (Melbourne Only)

U.S Punk stalwart Joey Cape of the legendary Lagwagon returns to Aussie shores this September for 2 exclusive headline shows!

A venerated punk prodigy and man of collaborative whim, for over 25 years Joey Cape’s creative spirit has compulsively driven him into projects as disparate and equally prolific as Bad Astronaut, Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon and now to his rite of passage as a solo artist. This time around, he’s steering away from the “live fast, die young” mantra of the punk scene towards a profounder expression of the human experience.

“ of the most talented punk rock frontmen in history, with all the energy and rowdiness you’d come to expect from a punk rocker, but with the song writing skill and heart of a soul singer” – Souls In Action

Introducing him as a promising addition to the pantheon of great singer-songwriters from which he has drawn his greatest inspiration; Elliott Smith, Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens, Joey Cape’s solo venture waxes poetic on his own personal tragedies. His latest release, 2015’s Stitch Puppy, is set to candle-lit, tug at the heartstring acoustics and not only expands Cape’s sonic palette, but delves deeper than he has before into the themes of blistering adversity we as humans must face, those of loss and grief, “Life is full of disappointment, disloyalties and abandonment. We have to choose whether we adopt issues or strength. We witness these things and the beauty in between.”.

Joined by PEARS ferocious frontman Zach Quinn. When he isn’t stomping holes in stages, he’s constantly moving. That motion continued to a more contemplative path when he partnered with Joey Cape to produce and release his solo album at One Week Records. As Zach explains, “This was the most fun I’ve had making a record… The One Week concept only works because Joey has such a good taste and clear vision. There’s nothing more exciting than working with someone from whom there is so much to learn. The Caper is unparalleled”.

Joey Cape: punk, indie rocker, troubadour and cover artist all in one. Whatever he puts his hand to – whether it’s the unflinching commitment to his art, his casual charm or the unbridled energy that never fades – fans just can’t get enough of The Caper. Don’t miss your chance to lament with one of punk’s living legends.

“Whoever he is playing with, however loud or mellow the music he is playing, it’s always faithful ol’Caper,” – Dying Scene